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Who needs a CSCS card?

I’ve been on site for 20 years, why do I need a CSCS Card?

Unfortunately, even though you have a lot of experience working on site, Government legislation now means you have to obtain a CSCS card to be able to continue working on site. To do this you will need to pass the CSCS health and safety test and pass the Level 1 Award in health and safety in a construction environment before you can apply for the 5 year card. This is to ensure that everybody meets the Health and Safety requirements and also to improve quality and reduce accidents. Twenty years’ experience does however mean that taking the test and completing the Level 1 Award should be a walk in the park!

Can I apply for any card?

You will need to apply for the relevant card for your trade. If you are a labourer you will need to pass a Level 1 Award and a CSCS test to allow you to apply for a 5 year card to gain access to all sites in the U.K. If you have a specific skill and have a certificate that you have obtained within this trade such as an NVQ 2 or above, or apprenticeship, then you will be able to apply for the card relevant to your trade.
If you don’t yet have the right qualification for a card but are working towards achieving that qualification, we can provide you with an ‘Experienced worker’ card until you’ve gained the certificate.

We also offer Provisional 6 month cards which are non-renewable if you want more time to achieve your Level 1 Award.

My card's expired?

My card’s expired, can I just renew it?

If your card has expired you will need to re-take the relevant test/training to obtain a new one. Please see our Tests we offer page to find out which test you will need to sit.

JSA Queries

I’m currently claiming JSA, can I pay for my test through the Job Centre?

The Job Centres are usually happy to assist you in paying for your test and card as it helps to get people back into work. Ask your adviser at the Job Centre about payment and if they are willing to pay the fee for you, then we can either take payment directly from them or write out a receipt for you to claim back a refund. Visit the Job Centre website for more information.

Re-arranging a test

What happens if I can’t attend my test?

This isn’t a problem! Please just let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to sit your test for any reason and we will reschedule for a more convenient time. We won’t charge you for any cancellations or re-bookings made within good time.

Failing a test

Do I have to pay for another test if I fail?

In the unlikely event that you fail the test you will have to pay the full amount to take the test again. Don’t worry about this too much however as our pass rate is in your favour!


Yes. We can provide the CSCS test with a language voice over of the following:-

* English
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Punjabi
* Bulgarian
* Romanian
* Welsh
* German
* Lithuanian
* Hungarian
* Czech
* Russian
* Spanish
* French

Managers and Professionals tests can only be taken in English.

Level 1 Awards can only be taken in English

Lost certificates/cards

I’ve lost my pass certificate/ CSCS card, what do I do?

In the event that you lose your pass certificate, we can provide you with a copy at no extra charge which must be collected in person. Just contact the test centre and provide your full name, date of birth and National Insurance number and we’ll have it ready for you on presentation of I.D.

Replacement/duplicate CSCS cards on the other hand cost a further £50.00. So make sure you keep your card safe!

Revision material

Where can I get the revision material from?

The revision material is available to purchase from our office, Hayden Training in West Norwood, or from major book retailers such as Waterstones, WH Smiths and online at Amazon. We do recommend that you take the time to thoroughly read through the revision material before taking your test. All Libraries and the Job Centre should have copies.

Revision material for the Level 1 Award will be supplied by us to prepare you for the training day. We would ask that you return to us in good condition on the day of your training.

As part of our service, all clients taking the test with us will be able to have a short revision session and be shown how to use the computer if they feel it may help.

Standard mouse – touch-screen – voice-over – YOUR CHOICE.

Take the test any way you want.
We have voice overs in several languages. Please feel free to ask.

*If we have not answered your query, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number and we will be happy to assist!

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